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electric rates in the continental united states. rates that were squeezing the budgets of families and businesses. we came together. we decided we needed a plan to take these problems head on. we realized that our economic energy and environmental energy and economic needs were all related. and that the path we chose would impact our economy in this state for years to come. we consolidated state agencies to better coordinate our energy functions. we strengthened programs promoting renewable power and energy efficiencies. we're leveraging private capital to deliver renewable energy at a price lower than almost anywhere else in the united states. today we have seen electric rates drop in connecticut by 12% across the board. but we cannot stop now. the comprehensive energy strategy that my administration announced this past october shows us the way forward. together, we will expand cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy choices for consumers. enhancing efficiency programs for all communities at the same time helping to create thousands of new jobs. putting connecticut businesses a
to produce or preserve over 4,000 units over the next five years. -- 14,000 units over the next five years. [applause] new york state is the equality capital of the nation but we have more to do. as you heard, not everyone has reached full equality in our society. >> these two babies were born in the same hospital at the same time. they will go home to loving families and go to the same school and get the same degree. their lives will be different. one will earn $11,000 less per year and $500,000 less in the lifetime. -- over a lifetime. one is five times likely to be sexually harassed. one is twice as likely to be a single parent living in poverty. why? because one is a girl. it's not right, it's not fair. it is time for women's equality act. [applause] >> we passed marriage equality and let's make history again and pass a woman's equality act in the state of new york. [applause] women's equality act would have a 10-point agenda. shatter the glass ceiling by passing a equal pay law. number two, have zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace, period. number three, strengthen em
to represent the state and nebraska in the united states senate. for the past 1.5 years, i've traveled thousands of miles across nebraska visiting with command to leaders to learn about their views and share my position on issues. i have heard a single consistent message over and over. washington must cut out of control spending. i agree. the american people are right to expect more accountability for their government. i recently saw a poll in three out of four american support spending cuts across the board. of thetaxpayers are tired battles and the lack of progress. in 2009, the president pledged to cut the deficit in half. we have seen four straight years of trillion dollar deficit and a national debt exceeding $16 trillion. the federal government added $4 billion each day to our gross national debt. this is not sustainable. i support a more limited government that focuses on the court duties and responsibilities. only then can we identify the national priorities were the of taxpayer funding. the constitution states that the top priority for congress is to provide for the common def
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3